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Three Questions for Purchasing Security Cameras

March 16, 2020

If you're buying security cameras for a home or business security architecture, customizing your project is important. Every business and every home has different security needs, and getting the right fit involves a decent amount of research and due diligence.

Here are some of the things you should be thinking about if you are looking to install a home or business security camera system.

Security Cameras and Screen Resolution

CCTV and related systems have vastly differing qualities of resolution that determines the level of detail that they can offer in terms of analysis.

Some cheaper system have a lot of the pixelation and blocking of the earlier systems – and for some projects, that's okay. If you only need the security system to identify activity, and not identify individual people, that type of image may be fine.

However, high-resolution CCTV and security camera setups can be extremely useful for all sorts of discovery. Companies with higher liability, sensitive assets or a higher bar for security will want high-quality high-resolution camera results. Some might even spring for facial recognition features now standard on some camera technologies.

Linking Security Cameras to Architecture

These days, there's a lot more that's possible with security camera setups. Up until just a few years ago, manual review was the standard. People either employed security personnel to watch in real time, or had these employees watch recorded footage later.

Today computer vision and image processing are quickly developing areas of the technology world. That means that security camera footage can be fed into a number of algorithms to come up with insights and results. For example, look at the practice of business license plate tracking that identifies vehicle traffic in new ways. All of it supports more capable analysis by businesses, although some aspects of facial recognition and other vanguard technologies have gotten some criticism from privacy advocates.

Security Camera Placement

It's also important to put your cameras in the most effective places. As a trusted and established security service, Low Volt Experts can come in and consult on where your cameras are going to be most effective, as well as all of the other questions above, and more.

Low Volt Experts is a premier security vendor around the great bay area and the Sacramento metro area. We handle doorbells, smart garage doors, biometrics, CCTV, smart home integration, and much more. Take a look at our services and call us with any questions about upgrading your home or business security according to the most cutting-edge technologies available now.